Making Your Own Gluten Free Christmas Candy

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Christmas is quickly approaching and for those of us allergic to gluten this can mean another tedious holiday season spent selecting can’s and cannot’s amongst an assortment of tempting treats.  While the internet is full of lists with all the candies that individuals with gluten intolerances are capable of consuming, who wants to carry around a list or even worse, commit these 100 odd names to memory.  At your next Christmas get together why not simplify things and bring your own treats?  While this may be a little more time consuming than picking up a bag of who-zits and what-zits from the store, your homemade gluten free creation will be sure to impress those in attendances and might even be a great platform for you to show off all that pent up creativity.

A great treat for the holiday seasons is Christmas gum.  The problem with this for the gluten intolerant is that the majority of brands out on the market right now contain gluten.  A great way around this is to simply whip up your own!  The ingredients for this project are few and relatively easy to acquire. You’ll need gum base (easily purchased at a health food store, try Whole Foods or a local natural grocer), confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup and flavoring extract to give your gum flavor ( I suggest cinnamon or cherry, nothing too off the wall).

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