How to create a more energy efficient kitchen

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energy efficient kitchen

So if you’ve been thinking about ways on how to make your home more energy efficient, which is a definite move in the right direction! Electric cars, carbon zero and offset travelling, paper straws and bag are all big ways we can make a change outside but the perfect place to start inside is in your kitchen

Creating an energy efficient kitchen is hugely beneficial to yourself and your home in a range of ways! Up to 30% of your energy bills can come solely from your kitchen. 

Of course, the main way that being energy efficient will help is the fact that you’ll be reducing your bills and saving money. This is more important than ever now that we’re all staying home more and we need our money to stretch for other things. 

Here are some easy ways and small changes that you can make to create an energy efficient kitchen. 

Turn it off if it is not in use

This is the easiest thing to do! But unfortunately, many people still forget. 

At the end of the day, once you’ve finished cooking and you’re pretty sure that you won’t be using that piece of equipment again, just turn it off and unplug it. People seem to think that if an appliance is on standby mode it’s fine to leave plugged in however it’s still wasting energy. Once you start turning equipment off, you’ll notice your energy usage reducing and your energy bill along with it. 

Install LED/energy efficient light bulbs 

Out of all the light bulbs available on the market, both energy saving or not, LED light bulbs have the highest efficiency rate and on average last the longest. This saves both time and money, as this means your lighting will need replacing less often than other lighting types. 

Choose the right burner size 

This is something that many people don’t realise. If you choose a burner that is too large for the pan you’re going to use, a lot of the flame and the heat will end up flowing up the sides of the pan and not warming the bottom as it should be doing. This means your pans will take longer to heat up on the bottom and could start to burn the sides. It’s also a good idea to use pan lids whilst cooking to keep as much heat in the pan as possible. This in turn will heat up/cook your food quicker than without the lid. 

Keep the oven door closed

As tempting as it is to keep checking on your cookies or cakes, every time you open the oven door to take a peek, you let out a huge amount of heat. Then once you close the door, the oven has to work extra hard and use up even more energy to get itself back up to temperature. 

Talking about the oven, it does actually retain heat for five to ten minutes after being turned off. So why not leave the door shut, turn your oven off and let your food cook in the residual heat for the last portion of its cooking time? 

If you’re struggling to make your kitchen energy efficient, there are catering and foodservice companies out there who are on hand to help with years of kitchen experience behind them.  


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