Make Each Day Gourmet With These Great Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips
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Whether you spend most of your evenings cooking up exciting new dishes for the family or rarely turn on the stove, there is always room for improvement. Even the greatest cooks have something to learn and are willing to continually better their skills. But how does one find the time to cook like the pros? Between friends, family, chores, and work, there is just too much on our plates. Many of us dream of throwing extravagant dinner parties with our closest loved ones while some of us wish to dine on something scrumptious rather than instant noodles. Either way, we all crave a little culinary excitement in our lives. With these handy and simple cooking tips, you can make every day a little more gourmet. If you are the health conscious type then you are going to want to add more greens to your meals. Otherwise, you can source important nutrients from the many great supplements retailing on the market. Use as an essential resource for finding the highest quality supplements. They cover all aspects of the latest supplements to determine if they can deliver optimal health support.
Follow these easy-to-implement steps and you will start cooking delightful dishes that will impress your friends and family.

1. Confirm The Heat

Cooking meat is often a “wing it” kind of scenario. If it isn’t pink then it’s good to go, right? Not so fast though, checking the heat is crucial to getting your meat right. Everyone likes their fillets done differently so using a meat thermometer is a foolproof method for ensuring that everyone gets what they signed up for. Cooking it right will impress your buddies and ensure a mouth-watering meal for all. Don’t hack into the steak after it’s too late, check out these handy guidelines for checking the temperature of beef (you can find a more comprehensive list here):

  • Medium-rare – 145°F
  • Medium – 160°F
  • Well-done – 170°F

2. Journal Your Cooking

Using a recipe is great and all but often your dish won’t come out like the pretty pictures that first inspired you to whip out the pan. If you don’t have grandma’s original recipe then you may have to seek inspiration from the internet. That said, be sure to use those recipes as guidelines. If things don’t go right the first time then make notes of the errors and areas you feel could use improvement. Is it tasting a little bland? Cook with more seasoning. Is the bread too doughy? Ration the flour. Journaling your culinary progress will ensure that you don’t make simple mistakes. Your cooking will become better and your dishes more gourmet. Plus, you will now have a handy heirloom to pass down to the next generation.

3. Sharpen Your Tools

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a sharp knife. From apple swans to potato spirals, having sharp knives is a surefire way of crafting eye-catching meals that will earn a few “Mmm’s!” and “Aahh’s!”. Not only can you cut delicate patterns out of regular ingredients but you can improve the speed at which you slice. This will give you more time to focus on the trickier aspects of the meal and help you craft a dish that you can be proud of. Read up on finding the right knife for the job here.

4. Use Fresh Spices

While we don’t know the recipe for the original spice the colonel used to rub his chicken, we do know that plenty of spice was used. No, we are not just talking about adding some salt and pepper. For one thing, salt is argued to be on the unhealthy side of the nutritional spectrum. Substituting unique spices used in global cuisines for your salt can be a great way to shake up the flavor of your meals. But before you go dousing your ingredients in spices, double check that the spices are fresh. If you can’t smell the appealing aromas then they are unlikely to give you the taste that you’re after. Toss out the old spice and grab something new for an improved main and minimal complaints.

5. Grow Your Own

Grabbing a packet of thyme off the shelves of the grocery store is easy. Nurturing and caring for your own growing thyme? A little more responsibility but still easy! Herbs are resilient. All they really need is some sunlight, water, and TLC (tender loving care). There is nothing more satisfying than building up a mini herb garden and even more so, the ability to pick at it and garnish your dishes with fresh, home-grown ingredients. Topping off your meals with a little coriander or basil will give them a flavor boost and restaurant quality plating.

While many of us won’t live to see ourselves become professional chefs, we can start taking steps to turn everyday meals into gourmet eating experiences. By following these few tips, you can start cooking like Gordon Ramsey as well as giving your friends and family a meal worth posting about.

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