3 Things you should know about detox tea

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With everybody speaking of drinking detox tea as a way to detox their bodies as well as lose weight, many are lost about what it really does to the body. Detoxification aims at eliminating harmful wastes and target body organs like the kidney, colon, and others that eliminate toxins from the body keeping it in perfect health.
detox tea
Most of these harmful substances are obtained from the environment from things like food additives, pollutants, smoke, and chemicals that are ingested into the body. It is important to consider several factors before purchasing any detox tea products since too much of caffeine can be harmful. Here are the top three things you should know about detox tea.

Doesn’t replace dieting and exercise

Detox tea as its name suggests detoxifies the body, restoring it to perfect health. While consuming detox tea, it must be accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet containing plenty of water and nutritious meals. Although you can take detox tea any time of the day, the best time to take detox tea is early in the morning or before sleeping, which will help your body maximize its effects in the body.
For those that work out, taking detox tea should not stop you from exercising. Have a consistent workout routine along with your detox tea and although it is not an assurance that you might lose weight in the process, your body will remain toxin free.

Benefits of detox tea

From hundreds of centuries ago, people embraced the ancient culture of drinking tea and it’s been known to have lots of health benefits to the body and is considered a safe way to detoxify. Some countries like China still practice the tea culture. Due to its detoxifying properties, detox tea is said to have the ability to heal different ailments leaving the mind and body healthy.
Detox tea also aids in blood cleansing and elimination of wastes by the liver and kidney. The proper functioning of these body organs ensures a healthy circulation and regulation of substances such as sugar levels, lowering blood pressure and heart conditions, causing an increase in energy and boosting mental health.
Even with the numerous benefits, some detox teas contain senna leaf which helps in the elimination of wastes from the body. Too much of senna leaf can result in diarrhea, abdominal pains, and dehydration and it should be consumed in limited amounts since it’s only meant to manage constipation. Being a laxative it should be used to balance fluids in the body when recommended by a doctor.

Aids in losing weight water not body fat

Detox teas contain caffeine, which is mostly integrated with diuretics which promote the loss of water weight.  Removal of water does not necessarily mean that you are losing fat, although it will make you feel lighter. The removal of toxins, especially from the digestive systems can at times cause relief, although body fat within the abdominal area will still remain. Accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will be able to shed some fat.
If you intend to start using detox tea for medicinal use, it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a certified and well-trained health professional.

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