5 Tips to choosing high quality coffee

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high quality coffee
The coffee aroma is refreshing. No wonder many people are coffee lovers. However, you should ensure that you get the highest quality beans if you are roasting the coffee and the highest quality grounds if you just want to brew a nice cup of joe. Here are tips that you can use to ensure you choose high quality coffee.

  1. Go for coffee that has all details on the label

Whether you want coffee beans or roasted coffee, check the label to see if it has all the vital details. The taste of coffee depends on its origin as well as how and when it was roasted.
A label that has all the details shows that a lot of care has been taken in crafting the coffee.
The label should show the country of origin, the altitude the beans grew, recommended temperatures for brewing, the date the coffee was roasted, amount of caffeine, and how it was roasted.

  1. Check the roasting date

The date the coffee was roasted is important since it indicates the freshness of the beans. Coffee that was roasted more recently is better since the flavor peaks at around 7 to 10 days after its roasting date.
Roasted coffee should be used within a month of roasting.
When buying ground coffee, check when the beans were roasted, so you can have an idea of how long they can last before their quality deteriorates.
Alternatively, you can buy beans and grind them to ensure freshness.

  1. Avoid coffee with misleading labels

While at it, check out for misleading labels. Some roasters attach deceitful labels to make the coffee seem of higher quality such as 100% Arabica, 100% coffee, Robusta and vague phrases.

  1. Choose coffee beans depending on your preferred taste

Coffee beans are roasted at different levels. There are darkly roasted, medium roasted and light roasted coffee beans. Light colored coffee beans are roasted for shorter periods and they are dry. The brewed coffee does not have a bitter taste and has higher levels of caffeine.
Medium roasted beans are darker than the lightly roasted ones with lower levels of caffeine. Coffee beans that are roasted for longer periods are dark, oily and the brewed coffee has a bitter taste and tends to have less caffeine.
Choose the coffee beans depending on your preference. If you prefer the smoother taste, then you should opt for light colored coffee beans and if you prefer the bitter taste, go with the dark and shiny beans.
If the beans are pre-ground, test the consistency. Dark ground beans tend to stick together and move in clumps while the light ground beans run move smoothly downhill.

  1. Examine where you buy the coffee beans carefully

There are many different suppliers of coffee. Some provide high-quality coffee while others supply low quality coffee but masquerade it as high quality.
Therefore, for high-quality coffee, you need to assess carefully where you are getting the coffee. You can check out a gourmet shop and see the kind of coffee they have or you can buy online. Just make sure you examine your source carefully to ensure it has high-quality coffee.
Some of the things you can look at are how the roasted coffee is kept and when the coffee is roasted.
Get your coffee from a roaster who is respected, whether in a shop or online. There are many suppliers of coffee beans and roasted coffee such as https://www.tea-and-coffee.com/.

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