The Healthy Eating Myths We Need To Squash Once And For All

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eating myths
Now that we are fully into the new year, many of us have likely given up on the healthy eating and gone back to our old habits. However eating healthily and staying fit isn’t just about trimming the fat and fitting in a swimsuit, it is about being healthy in ourselves.
There are many myths which comes with living a healthy lifestyle, some are more logical and some are plain silly, but today we are going to take a look at these myths and squash them once and for all. No more excuses.
It’s Expensive
One of the most common things people say about eating a healthy diet is that it is too expensive. If you feel as if you need to take out signature loans just to look down the produce aisle, you are very much mistaken. One of the main issues people seem to have is that buying mountains of fruit and vegetables costs a lot of money. If you look at the price of a frozen pizza compared to a fresh bag of sweet potatoes, you will see that the potatoes are much more cost effective. Next time you are planning your shopping, take out the bad stuff and replace it with fresh food. You will see that your bill is much cheaper.
The Body Can’t Process Wheat And Dairy
Many people think that the reason they are overweight is because their body doesn’t process wheat and dairy effectively, this is plain wrong. If your food wasn’t being processed correctly this would mean it wasn’t being metabolised at all. This would in fact mean you would lose weight, not gain it.
With the rise of gluten and lactose intolerance in recent years, people seem to be self diagnosing even if they do not have an issue at all. This can be bad for your health because you are cutting our foods which your body needs.
Microwaving Takes The Nutrients From Your Food
It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking food on an open fire, in a microwave or a standard oven- it is the heat and cooking time which affects the composition of your food. The longer and higher temperature you cook your food at, the more likely you are to lose water sensitive nutrients such as Vitamin C. In actually fact, because microwaving cooks food much quicker you can lose less nutrients than in the oven.
Craving Means You Need Those Nutrients
If you crave a pizza, it does not mean that your body lacks cheese, pepperoni and bread- it simply means that you want a pizza. Your body does not usually tell you when it needs a certain nutrient, you will have l simply eat as healthily as you can to make sure you are safe. The only case of craving which signifies a deficiency is craving ice cubes, clay or cement. This is the case with those who have an iron deficiency.
Lots Of Small Meals Are Better For Weight Loss
So many fitness gurus say that small meals throughout day day keeps your metabolism at full strength and helps burn more food. This is wrong. The real reason that many will notice a difference in weight by snacking is simply that they stay fuller for longer and don’t overeat.

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