Give the Gift of Rubbish Clearance and Recycling!

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For may of us, remembering our neighbors at Christmas is a holiday tradition. Have you been wondering what to buy your neighbors for Christmas this year? Sometimes giving of yourself, instead of a store bought gift, is the best possible present you could give. Do you have an elderly neighbor, or perhaps a handicapped neighbor, who struggles with their rubbish clearance? Perhaps they have trouble sorting their recycling or getting larger items out to the rubbish clearance bin. Consider this idea. Your gift this year could be to pledge to help them on a weekly basis with these chores. Take the burden off them so they don’t have to worry about it anymore. It would be a gift they’d much appreciate.

Pledging to help with the rubbish clearance and recycling for a neighbor in need is a gift that the whole family can give, including the children. Many children struggle today to have a strong sense of ethics and doing what’s right. Engaging your children in a project to help a neighbor on an ongoing basis is a great opportunity for them to grow as human beings and gain self-respect for who they are and what they are doing. It will give them pride, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose. They will also learn valuable life lessons in their interaction with an elderly or handicapped neighbor. In this way, making a family pledge to help your neighbor with his or her rubbish clearance and recycling is also giving a priceless gift to your children, better than any toy at the store.

More than a century ago, neighbors cared for one another more in general. Instead of exchanging money for services rendered, they also bartered a lot. A strong healthy man might volunteer to chop wood or hunt to provide food for a neighbor who struggled to do that on their own. In return, the recipient of this kindness might prepare home cooked meals or let them forage at will from their fruit trees and garden. It was this kind of reciprocity that kept the community strongly bonded together. They knew they could count each other when times got hard. One modern version of this old tradition may be helping a neighbor in need with their rubbish clearance and recycling.

You may want to extend the gift a bit more. You can ask your neighbor if he or she has any need to clean out cupboards or perhaps the attic or garage. They may have been putting this chore off for a long time because of how difficult it would be for them, especially if they have no family to help. As part of your pledge to help them with their rubbish clearance and recycling, you could offer to help them declutter their place and clean out any areas of the house where they have junk accumulating. You may find that they have trouble pulling down items from high shelves or moving large heavy objects to go through stuff. You can tell them that you’re fine with taking it slow so it is a fully comfortable situation for them.

As you help your neighbor go through his or her old accumulated “junk,” you may also find that many items trigger old treasured memories and colorful stories about these memories. You can encourage your neighbor to tell his or her stories to you and your kids. When people share their life experiences in story form, it becomes a gift both to the storyteller and to all who listen to the stories. Your children will be enriched for having heard these stories as they are full of wisdom, charm, sentiment, and humor.

To make it easier to separate out the rubbish clearance your neighbor wants to discard and the items they want to keep, you can call Clearabee for a Beebag. The Beebag is sent via post. When you get it, it basically unfolds into an extra bin. Different sizes are available and you can always order more if you need them. This way, you can simply fill the Beebag as you go along and then call Clearabee back when you’re ready for them to pick it up. The best part about this service is they do everything they can to upcycle and recycle as much as possible! They have the council services beat on this hands down and it’s a much more convenient service!

Enjoy your holiday and remember that one of the greatest joys of the season is the act of giving from the heart. Making a pledge to help a neighbor in need with their rubbish clearance and recycling all year long is a nice way to extend the holiday spirit throughout the year.

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