Around The World: 5 Great Cocktails We'd Love To Try

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If you’re a lover of cocktails, there are so many choices available that you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s impossible to try them all (and live to tell the tale!). Personally, I’ve always enjoyed a cocktail, but I haven’t tried many from around the world. I tend to stick to local creations, and only recently was I introduced to what I’ve been missing. I want to share my experiences with you now. Here are five great cocktails from around the world that really need to be sampled.

1. Caipirinha – Brazil

If you’ve never been to Brazil before, you might not have heard of the Caipirinha cocktail. But, when you arrive, you’ll certainly become aware of it before long. It’s a delicious cocktail that is highly popular around the country. It also comes in lots of different variations, although the usual is a lime version. Still, those who prefer mango or strawberry tastes will find alternatives on offer. It’s easy to make as well, so you shouldn’t have any problems recreating it at home.

2. Ouzotini – Greece

There are a lot of popular cocktails in Greece, and the Ouzotini is one of them. Apparently, the Greeks are particular about their requirements for it to be shaken, not stirred! It appears the drink originated somewhere around the 18th century. It’s fairly easy to put together at home if you wish, requiring juice, ouzo, vodka and sugar. You’ll want some ice with that, too.

3. Moscow Mule – USA

If you haven’t heard of any other cocktail on this list, you’ve probably heard of this one. You might be surprised to hear that the Moscow Mule is a USA invention. Although the title suggests otherwise, this cocktail has nothing to do with Russia or Moscow. Apparently, when the drink was developed, the name was randomly selected. The Moscow Mule has long been popular and comes in a variety of forms. A quick search online will present you with a Moscow Mule recipe with plenty of variations on offer.

4. Singapore Sling – Singapore

There aren’t many confusing details about the origins of this drink! The Singapore Sling originated in Singapore, developed by a Hainanese bartender. It’s a gin-based cocktail, with plenty of variations available once more. It might also interest you to know that the Singapore Sling was originally called the Gin Sling. This was presumably named after the original Sling cocktail, which was invented in the USA.

5. Elephant’s Mudbath – South Africa

Is there any better title for a cocktail than this? The drink itself is a creamy creation combining vodka with Amarula Cream. But, the story of the title is arguably much more interesting to discuss! Apparently, it was made by a bartender at a private game reserve. As the drink didn’t have a name at that point, he needed to come up with something. As he was working as a safari guide, he saw the resemblance and named it the Elephant’s Mudbath.
I hate to be the party spoiler, but please be sure to drink these in moderation! Enjoy.

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