Simple & Delicious Ideas For Your Next BBQ

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With summer almost upon us, thoughts turn to the outdoors. As the nights get longer, we spend more time in the garden. We switch from home improvements to garden improvements. And we start to plan for BBQ season. Whether you’re throwing a big bash or inviting a few friends over, follow our steps to the perfect BBQ.

  1. Sort Out The Cooking Arrangements

There’s nothing better than the smell of juicy burgers roasting on the grill on a summer evening while friends sit sipping wine. Before planning your food, sort out your cooking appliances. Is your outside grill in good working order? Take it out of storage and give it a good clean and test it. It’s always good to provide guests with something a bit different to the usual bangers and burgers. Pizzas go down well, whatever the occasion. They are versatile and easy to eat. Appliances like the Uuni Portable Pizza Oven will allow you to put your own spin on traditional recipes.
If you’re looking for a new BBQ or grill, there are lots of options. For speed and reliability, go for a gas grill. However, many people prefer the authentic taste of a charcoal grill.

  1. Food

When planning the food try to cater for all tastes. Some people prefer healthy dishes and so make sure there is a large section. Always check dietary requirements in advance. Food ideas for BBQs:

  • Gourmet burgers – make your own and add a unique twist
  • Bangers – try a range of options as well as pork
  • Salads
  • Pasta
  • Homemade pizza slices
  • Grilled marinated fish
  • Steak
  • Provide a range of sauces and condiments for the burgers and bangers
  • Season with fresh herbs from the garden

And don’t forget about dessert. It’s not all about grilled meat and fish. Provide a few simple dishes you can prepare in advance. Fruit salad is a good choice as it provides something sweet after a heavy meal. Ice cream and sorbet are always well-accepted. They are cooling and cleanse the palate.

  1. Drink

Some people would argue that the drinks you serve are just as important as the food. As BBQs tend to last for several hours, it’s a good idea to provide soft drinks as well as alcohol. If it’s a hot day, people will be thirsty.
Beer and wine are the obvious choices. When looking for wine, try to match it with your food. As a general rule of thumb, white wine works well with poultry and fish. Red wine complements red meat.
A popular idea is to plan a theme. Over the last few years, Australian BBQs have become popular with people serving ostrich and alligator burgers. A little Aussie beer and wine make a great addition.
Rather than playing it safe with simple beer and lager, add a few specialty options. Look for craft beers from around the world. Cider is also popular, and there are many different types to sample.
The most important part of any BBQ is the people you invite. Treat them to an awesome day and enjoy their company.

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