Vacuum Food Sealer to Lengthen Food Shelf Life

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With a vacuum pack machines, the benefits are obvious, both in financial and quality terms.
Vacuum packing food produce is important when it comes to the process required to produce, prepare, package, store and deliver food. Using a vacuum food sealer, you can reduce the air surrounding a food product and thus significantly reduce the growth of aerobic bacteria. Not only that, but you can keep the entire product together including its juices and reduce the bulk size of the product to a bare minimum.
Vacuum food sealers are a very popular choice with food manufacturers who want to extend the shelf life of products which can include raw meat, fish, cheese and cooked foods. Using a vacuum food sealer not only lengthens the product’s shelf life enabling it to be stored for longer or delivered to further destinations in a fresh condition, but it also keeps food in a safe and hygienically clean condition. The reduction of bulk is another reason why food manufacturers consider the vacuum food sealer to besomething they can’t manage without.
Vacuum food sealers evacuate the air around the product which, in turn, increases the shelf life. As well as removing the air, the vacuum food sealer seals the vacuum bag or barrier pouch which keeps the product intact.  The package itself provides protection to the product by keeping out the surrounding atmosphere of oxygen, bacteria, fungi and moisture. The product is placed in the bag, the bag is then placed in the vacuum food sealer and air is extracted before the bag is then sealed with the product safely inside.
With the variety of products that can be vacuum-packed, the vacuum food sealer themselves come in all shapes and sizes, all of which can be supplied by First Food Machinery. Table-top vacuum food sealers are ideal for small products or small quantities whilst larger machines offer to suit a more industrial operation, with easy to clean features.

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