Fantastic Ways to Make Food Last Longer

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Food wastage is a serious problem in many places. The reason a lot of us throw out so much is that we don’t eat what we buy in time. We buy things intending to eat or drink them, but they go bad before we have the chance. If you always have to throw out shriveled salad and gone-off milk, you don’t have to keep doing it. There are several ways you can make your food last longer, so you have more time to finish it. Try using the techniques below to keep your food going for longer.

Make Use of Your Freezer

Most people have a freezer, but are you using yours to its full potential? Perhaps you put things that you buy frozen in there. You might use it to make ice or to cool drinks quickly. But how often do you use it to preserve food? You can make many things last longer by putting them in the freezer, and it’s going to make anything a lot less nutritious. The important thing to do is to know how long you can freeze things for. Freezing food safely is essential, so check the best ways to store everything. You can store many items for months before you can no longer eat them. Just don’t forget about them!

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Seal Your Food

Stopping air and moisture from getting to your food will help to preserve it. It can’t develop mould if there’s nothing for it to feed off. There are several ways you can cover or seal your food. Simply wrapping it in film or putting it in Tupperware will help it keep it for a few days. If you want to go further, you might consider buying a food sealer. You can use it to put your food in a vacuum bag, and it will last much longer.

Store Everything Properly

Knowing how to store different foods is essential. Everything needs to be in different conditions to survive longer. Some items need to be in cold, dark places, while others should go in the fridge. For example, you should put onions in a paper bag and put them somewhere cool and dark. If you put your eggs in the refrigerator, put them at the back and not in the door to keep their temperature more consistent. Put your apples in the coldest part of the fridge to get them lasting longer.

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Select Food to Last Longer

When you shop for groceries, you can start thinking about making your food last. Look for fresh produce that looks healthy and has a later expiration date. There are different things you should look for when you’re choosing food. For example, look for bright green stems on grapes if you want fresher ones. If the stems are brown and not as stiff, they won’t last as long. With some items, such as milk, the expiration date is the most important piece of information.

Making your food last longer reduces food waste and saves you money. Use these tips and tricks and you’ll never throw anything out again.

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