Which Fat to Consume and Which One to avoid?

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The common perception goes around the world that consuming fat will make you fat and increase obesity. Obesity as you may know, gives rise to a number of diseases including diabetes. Therefore, people calculate the fats in each and every food item and choose the low fat food item and dwell on it for more than longer periods of time. To further exacerbate the situation, enter the trainers and gym masters who offer weight loss trainings and workshops. They advise all the trainees to avoid fats in their food. Nobody tells them that having a high fat food actually burns fat and does not add to your weight at all. In fact if anything, it keeps you healthy and maintain the body metabolism. Thanks to the fitness queen Emily Skye who tells us why we need high-fat food.
Low Nutritional Value
People immediately fall for low-fat food items. They assume that this is going to keep them healthy. In effect, this is not the case. It has reversal effects. In order to make a food low-fat, it is processed and put through chemical processes. These processes involves addition of slats and sugars, and removal of many nutritional ingredients. Hence, avoid such food items.
Fat is Good
A proper amount of food and ingredients are needed for the appropriate function of your body. Good amount of fat is important in your food because it acts a fuel. Especially for the ones who do daily workout and have long hectic days. The good fat you want to eat is in foods that include polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. This does not cause the gain of weight at all. So, nothing to worry about.
The polyunsaturated fat mentioned above gives your body the sufficient and much needed omega-3 fats. Now you know where to find these omega-3 fats. Yes, walnuts, chia seeds, peanuts and much more has this polyunsaturated fat.
The monounsaturated fat fulfills the good HDL cholesterol requirement. At the same time it lowers the bad LDL cholesterol. Bad LDL cholesterol is what increases your weight and obesity. Coconut oil is the greatest source to these monounsaturated fats. Bring coconut oil into your home right away. Seek help to online marketplaces, as they have neatly packed low-fat foods and coconut oil. Some of the thriving online marketplaces like Kaymu, Amazon etc. deliver your desirable items.
Some Fats You Should Avoid
Yes, there are certain fats, which are absolutely harmful for the health and carry unhealthy nutrition. Therefore, avoiding them will only help you stay healthy. Saturated and trans fats are one of them. They increase the cholesterol level and hence the chances of heart related diseases. In fact trans fats cause acidic reaction in your body and hence inflammation. Following are the foods that possess this fat: vegetable oils, processed cakes, crackers, chips, biscuits, margarine and French fries.
Implement these simple advises in your life and one can live a safe and healthy life.
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