Quick and Easy Ways To Feed Fussy Children

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If you’ve got little ones running around the kitchen, you’ll know how tricky it is to fill them up! Kids are always hungry and often very fussy. As a parent, it’s your job to create meals they love, and still find time for yourself. You’re looking for a quick, healthy fix that the children are eager to eat. It’s a fine balance, and one that takes years of practice! After all, who wants to spend the whole evening cooking? Here are some tips and tricks we’ve picked up from savvy parents over the years.
Finger food lunches – It’s hard enough coming up ideas for the evening meal every day without worrying about lunch too! What you need is a quick, nutritious answer with little preparation time. Finger food is a fantastic option here. Think fruit, carrot sticks and crackers. Add some cheese and ham into the mix and they can help themselves. It’s a refreshing summer lunch option and easy for mum and dad!
Frozen vegetables Frozen veg is a lifesaver when it comes to preparation time. It holds all the same nutrients and vitamins as regular veg, without the hassle. Frozen peas and sweetcorn make a quick and healthy addition to any meal. Carrots, spinach and broccoli all work wonders too. Add them to stir fries, soups and curries.
Make huge portions. – If you’re looking for time-savers, try making huge portions and freezing the leftovers. That’s two meals in one! Strangely, reheated meals sometimes taste better as well. Try this with a big chilli or a lasagne. It’s also great for curries and casseroles. Always make meals in bulk and you’ll save time and money.
Soup – Soup is both delicious and practical. It’s packed full of vegetables and nutrients, so the kids get all the goodness they need. The best part is they’re super simple. Again, you could make a big vat of fresh soup and freeze the leftovers. The other option is to stock up on tins; they contain all the healthy goodness of freshly made soup and taste great.
Tins and jars – These pantry-based foods are fantastic for children. It allows you to quickly and easily put something together. Whether it’s pasta sauces, tuna or canned fruits, you can quickly add them to a main meal. It will cut your preparation time in half, and you can have a full meal on the table in fifteen minutes.
Fast food treat – At the weekend, you can even give in to their fast food demands! A quick McDonald’s treat or KFC family bucket will cheer everyone up. Visit Fastfoodmenuprice.com and let each of the kids choose their favourite meal. Everyone deserves a treat at the weekend, and it’s a good chance to spend some quality time together!
Making sure the family eats well is a top priority for mums and dads. Make it quick and easy with these fantastic tips. Have you got any tricks of your own to share with our readers?

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