Safe Snacking: Better Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings

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Snacking is the single most dangerous activity for anyone trying to maintain or reach a healthy weight. It can even ruin your teeth and, depending upon what and how much you eat, drain your wallet of funds. Let’s take a look at some snacks that are lighter on your caloric intake, your teeth, and your wallet.

Milk has numerous benefits that make it a great snack solution. It contains protein, which keeps you feeling full for longer, and you can choose how much fat you ingest by choosing between whole or skim. Compared to other snacks, it’s also incredibly light on your wallet. Milk is one of those staples that you should make use of if you’re not lactose intolerant.
According to Guerra Dental, another added benefit of milk is it can dramatically strengthen your teeth. While you’ll still need to seek dental care in Colorado Springs to fix any tooth decay, this simple snack may be the perfect thing to keep your pearly whites happy and healthy while fighting plaque.
Cantaloupes and Yogurt
Nothing beats fresh fruit paired with something creamy and nutritious. Which is why taking some slices of fresh cantaloupe and mixing them with some low-fat yogurt makes for a great snack. The best part is it’s easy to make and light on your wallet. You’ll also be getting vitamin C from the cantaloupe, while getting a large amount of calcium and protein from the yogurt. You’ll feel good and have the energy to get through the rest of the day with this snack.
Raisins with Nuts
Raisins mixed with peanuts are a great snack for anyone who needs something to chew. You’ll find this snack is much healthier than candy or any of the snacks you might consume simply to have something to eat. The best part is nuts contain a high amount of protein and raisins provide plenty of fiber, the latter of which is good for your heart and digestion. If you can’t eat nuts or don’t enjoy them, then consider eating raisins alone or with a crunchy granola.
Tomatoes are a relatively inexpensive food that contain antioxidants, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. They’re a fresh food you can eat by slicing them up, or by simply taking a bite out of them.
If you don’t enjoy plain tomatoes, then consider buying some herbs like parsley and basil and a side item like low-fat mozzarella cheese. These low-cost additions can make tomatoes taste even better and you can even grow them at home for a year round herb you only buy once.
Banana and Kale Smoothies
While bananas and kale are both great snacks on their own, they’re not always something most people want to eat. You can mix things up by combining one medium banana and one cup of chopped kale with some almond milk in a blender.
This provides an excellent source of fiber and protein with a low amount of fat. You’ll benefit from the potassium in the bananas, the protein from the almond milk and the antioxidants in the kale. The only danger is that it may taste so good, you might want another.
Celery Sticks
While celery sticks are nothing new when it comes to healthy snacks, there are many healthy topping options that most aren’t conscious of when it comes to this vegetable. For example, hummus and olives make for an excellent way to spice up celery sticks. You’ll still get that satisfying crunch while having a taste that simply dances on your taste buds. If you want something more traditional or you can’t find hummus at your local store, then consider using peanut butter or a dark chocolate spread. Both are healthy alternatives that can minimize your caloric intake.
You don’t have to eat unhealthy or costly things when it comes to snacking. You can make your snacks work with you by satisfying you cravings with low-calorie foods high in protein and vitamins. Next time you think about reaching for something unhealthy to snack on, consider making one of the items listed here instead. You’ll be eating things that are healthy for your heart, your digestive system, your teeth, and even your wallet.
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