Tikoy a symbol of a “higher year” to come

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Tikoy or Nián gao is abundant in this time of the year. It is typically given out as gifts in the days leading up to Chinese New Year. This sticky sweet snack is commonly considered as the centerpiece eaten during the Chinese New Year. It is also traditionally known as a symbol of a higher year to come.
This Chinese pudding is made from glutinous rice – pounded or ground into a paste, steamed and is then molded into a round shape. You can buy different molded designs which are store-prepared in various Chinese delicacy outlets in Ongpin, Binondo area, famously known as the China town in the Metropolis.
Our family love it cooked by dipping slices in beaten eggs then fry in a little cooking oil. It results to a slightly crispy layer while retaining a chewy, soft and sticky center. Chilling uncooked Tikoy the night before cooking or until it stiffens will make it easier to slice before frying.
tikoy cooked
By the way tomorrow is Chinese New Year. Be merry and don’t forget to cook and eat your Tikoy 🙂 Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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