Styling tips: Table Dressing

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The dining room is among those places in our homes that we spend less time in. This, however, does not mean that we do not have to take proper care of them. Quite the contrary, considering the purpose the dining room is intended for, we need to maintain it in a perfectly hygienic state, so as to ensure that we are having our meals in a safe environment. So, yes, cleaning is particularly important. But apart from this, the design of the room and the table, in particular, also should be paid special attention. It should correspond to the occasion, if there is any special one, it needs to be soothing and stylish, so as to predispose both residents and guests to cheerfulness, and to stimulate the appetite. So, if you are looking for some table dressing ideas, you will most probably find the following lines quite useful.

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  • Determine the Style

If you are planning to hold a dinner party for a certain occasion or you just want to change the current look of your table, the first thing you need to do is to pick a design theme that best corresponds to the upcoming event, or the season, or just to your current mood. Rustic, pompous, feminine – it all depends on you. It is a good idea to start with the tablecloth and then gradually add all other components – plates, cutlery, napkins, centrepieces. Yes, centrepieces are really important element of each dining table. After all, there are the first thing that one notices upon sitting.
According to Deep London Cleaners it is a good idea to mix together different patterns. For instance, stripes go well with floral motifs. Place nice striped table mats and decorate with a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a centrepiece. You can also experiment with colours. You can either opt for different shades of a single colour or for some contrasting tones for more dramatic setting. The choice is all yours.
And speaking of colours, there are certain of them that need to be avoided – cold tones, for instance, for they are known to suppress the appetite. Hot colours, on the other hand, stimulate it, so make sure to add something red, orange, or yellow in your dining room.

  • Decorative Elements

No matter the occasion you set your table for, it is always nice to have some nice finishing touches. And here you have countless options. It is an excellent idea to look up in your local craft shop. There you will certainly find numerous things that can be used as decorations. For instance, you can buy some felt rectangles and turn them into wonderful placemats. You might also tie ribbons in a matching colour on the stems of your wine glasses.
Needless to say, flowers are excellent addition to each table. Yet, they are not the only natural elements that might adorn it. For example, you can place several walnuts, chestnuts, or fallen leaves in various colours, so as to create a nice fall setting. If, however, green is your colour, you can opt for fragrant herbs and arrange them as a centrepiece or tuck small clusters of them into the ribbon or napkin that holds the silverware. Make sure they are all washed and perfectly clean before you place them on your table.

  • Fragrances

We all have heard about the benefits of aromatherapy. So why not apply it while having our meals. Surely, flowers are the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind. But apart from those natural jewels, we can also opt for scented candles. Scatter some on the table and you will certainly make your dinner much more pleasant and comforting after a tough and busy day at work. However, you need to make sure that the aromas are not too intrusive, for they might trigger terrible headaches and this is just the last thing you would need.
These were several tips on how to arrange your table, so as to make it more presentable. Opt for a style you like best, feel free to unbridle your imagination and develop your ideas, until you achieve the most pleasing results. It is all up to you!

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