How to Avoid Holiday Overeating

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When the holidays are knocking at your door and you are already overwhelmed by the magic that appears when such moments are approaching, there are a few things that you need to consider. Apart from the relaxation and the pleasant moments spent with your family and relatives, you will soon notice that eating tends to be one of your major activities. Attending dinners and other kinds of events that involve eating is inevitable during the holiday, especially if you visit your family or friends or if you are about to welcome guests in your own home.

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Overeating is not an unusual thing when it comes to holidays and we all know that it is hard to resist to all the temptations that are awaiting you at the table. I have personally convinced myself that even when I am on regime, holidays make me more vulnerable and predisposed to overeating. Over the years I have tried several methods to handle the holiday overeating and now I will share some of my ideas that have proven their efficiency. Although it is difficult not to overeat, I will suggest to you some of the ways in which you will be able to escape from this unpleasant situation that is part of the holidays.
Organise different activities
Whether you are visiting your family or welcoming some guests in your home, you can effectively organise diverse activities that will keep you far away from the table. I agree that it is difficult not to think about eating, especially when you relax, but if you really want to avoid the overeating, you can try with this idea. You can play chess, cards or any other games that you are interested in. You can even try with scrabble, if that appeals to the other people. The important thing is not to spend the whole time sitting on the table and trying to eat all that food that is waiting for you. I assure you that overeating can really cause you a lot of problems afterwards, so if you try this method, you will be able to follow your regime without a problem.
Follow a certain regime
Even if that sounds weird when it comes to the holidays, you can be sure that establishing a simple regime will really help you avoid overeating. By this, I do not mean to stay hungry all the time but to make a decision which food you will eat and which will be out of your list. Another thing to take into account is to avoid eating all the time.  For example, in case you had an excellent lunch, do not miss the afternoon breakfast but avoid eating in the interval between the two meals.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
One very simple advice – if you do not want to think about eating, you can always take care of the cleaning of your home. During the holidays there are a lot of chores that need to be done, so roll up your sleeves and focus all of your attention on the upholstery cleaning for example. This is a sure way you won’t think about all the delicious meals that are awaiting for you at the table. Of course, do not neglect all the holiday activities for the cleaning, I assure you that you will have a lot to clean after the end of the holidays.
This is my list of the things that help me to avoid overeating, whenever I attend holiday events with my relatives and friends. There is no guarantee that you will resist the temptation, however, you can always try some of these methods, if you really want to avoid the unpleasant overeating.

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