How to Set a Table: the Basics

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Setting a table in an immaculate way is not as difficult as it seems. However, many people feel puzzled when organizing a dinner party or other event because they meet difficulties in setting the table in a correct and perfect way. You need to know certain rules about how to place the glasses, plates and the utensils if you want to impress your guests and to demonstrate them that they are welcomed in your home. There are some details that you can keep in mind when setting the table but if you show enough willingness, we guarantee that you won’t meet difficulties in this activity. Even if not organizing an official dinner, it is good to show to your relatives and friends that you have made efforts to be perfect in every detail. The importance of good manners should not be underestimated and setting the table in an immaculate way can really make an impression to your guests.
We will give you some basic advice how to set the table in the proper way due to the occasion and how to make a correct placement of your plates and utensils.
Formal_table setting
Basic setting of the table
The basic setting of the table is suitable for most occasions which facilitates your work a lot. The general rule here is to situate the dinner plate in the centre of the place and to put everything else around it. The flatware needs to be positioned around the plate in the following order:

  • The fork is put to the left of the plate
  • The knife and the spoon are put to the right of the plate. The knife is placed with its sharp edge to the plate and the spoon is positioned to the right of the knife
  • Water glass is placed above the knife
  • Napkins go either under the fork or on the plate

Setting For an Informal Occasion
Setting for an informal dinner resembles a lot the basic setting, however there  are still some details that need to be outlined:

  • If there is a salad, the salad fork should be placed to the left of the dinner fork
  • As far as dessert fork is concerned, it can be added when time for dessert comes
  • The bowl for the soup needs to be put on the plate and the soup spoon on the right part of the beverage spoon
  • Cups are situated above the spoons and other glasses for wine and water are put to the left of the coffee cups

Setting for Formal Occasion 
When formal occasion is concerned, things become slightly different but do not feel stressed, if you follow these guidelines you won’t meet any difficulties:

  • The dessert and soup spoons are placed to the right of the knife or if you prefer you can bring them when the soup/dessert is served
  • Everything needs to be geometrically situated
  • The position of the utensils is due to the menu so that you can take them in an “outside in” manner

These are some of the basic instructions for setting a table in an ideal way. Apart from the arrangement, make sure that utensils and plates have been cleaned in the right way. Old stains that cover their surface won’t make a good impression to your guests and can spoil the whole atmosphere that you have created. Clean everything carefully to make the look of the table impeccable and outstanding. Put a smile on your face and welcome your guests to enjoy your dinner party.
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