Tortang Dulong

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Tortang dulong is a simple dish that’s included in my weekly menu. It is a favorite comfort food among many Filipinos. Dulong is a very small fish, much smaller than dilis and is sold at Php100 per kilo in local wet markets. It is best eaten with your favorite dippings – with catsup or vinegar and crushed garlic.




dulong when cooked
2 Eggs, beaten
Onion, diced
Palm oil
Wash dulong in a strainer through running water; let the water get fully drained before mixing it to the bowl of beaten eggs.
Add the diced onions, salt and pepper to taste. Mix it thoroughly.
Mold round cakes out of the mixture.
Heat the pan with palm oil, and then fry the dulong round cakes until crispy golden fried.
Serve while hot with rice.

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