Tasteful Encounters in the City of Vienna

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Traveling to Europe is a dream come true for many. There are various sights, sounds, culture and of course cuisines to try out. Most of us only read about these places in books and they always seem to appear so romantic especially Vienna, Austria. That is why, visiting and exploring this beautiful city for the first time requires a well thought of itinerary. Booking a hotel in Vienna that is well-suited for your desired activities there for instance can give you the best experience of the city.


For the cuisine enthusiasts like us, sampling out the best Viennese foods is a must. It is a fact that Vienna is famous for its delightful brew and mouthwatering pastries so this is the first order of the day.


sachertorte - marriot


The Sachertorte, is Vienna’s famous chocolate cake and while we find it hard to pronounce, we never had any issues calling out its delectable taste. Hotel Sacher in Vienna serves the Original Sachertorte which is actually two layers of thick chocolate cake with a thin coating of apricot jam and topped with rich chocolate icing. Pair this up with their traditional “Wiener Melange” and it’s simply heavenly.


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For lunch or dinner, you may try out Tafelspitz which is a dish of boiled beef in broth. The word tafelspitz refers to how the meat was cut-up. Then it is boiled in broth with spices and root vegetables. This is usually served with horseradish and minced apples.


XXXL wiener schnitzel
XXXL wiener schnitzel


Another notable favorite in Viennese cuisine is the Wiener Schnitzel. Any Schnitzel in Austria has to be made from veal, if its pork it is called a Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwien. Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal escalope, hammered to become thin, breaded and then fried. You’ll often get a plateful of this served with a slice of lemon and the traditional Erdäpfelsalat, a side dish akin to mashed potatoes.


You will never run out of traditional Viennese foods to try during your stay in Vienna. You will discover that they are heavily influenced by the surrounding countries over the years, such as Hungary, France and Italy. The best way to enjoy traditional Viennese cuisine is to explore the city’s abundant coffee shops, taverns and al fresco restaurants.


Sacher tent
Sacher Hotel, outside sitting


Image credits: Big thanks to my dear friend g_mirage2 on Flickr for the photos.

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  1. Every country in the world has its traditional cuisine. It’s good to know a few from Austria. The Sachertorte looks rich and moist while the Tafelspitz looks so tender and yummy.

  2. Vienna is such a beautiful city and the desserts are out of this world. I love those Sacher torte and every other dessert you can buy and eat in a coffee cafe.

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