The Top Ten Kitchen Design Trends of 2014

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Predicting design trends and seeing which ones actually take off with homeowners are two very different things, but with ¾ of 2014 almost gone, it’s safe to say that these have been the year’s top ten most popular kitchen trends:

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  1. Two-tone

Although clean and uniform colours and textures are still popular, there’s been an increase in the number of homeowners choosing two (or more) tone kitchens.
They create a more tactile and aesthetically interesting design and are particularly suited to older homes where owners want modern fittings that don’t compromise the traditional features of their building.

  1. Slim Countertops

Improved cabinet design has opened the door to some inventive restyling of their countertops and now incredibly slim stone, granite, quartz and stainless steel work surfaces have been incorporated into long-popular minimalist designs for an even more streamlined and refined look.

  1. Natural Materials

The rising popularity of two-tone kitchens has made it easier to blend synthetic and natural materials together to create a tactile yet functional, inviting space.
Items like wooden furniture and work surfaces have been combined with fittings like stainless steel splashbacks for sometime, but this look now extends beyond the fixtures to include the natural features of a kitchen space, including exposed brick walls and ceiling beams.

  1. Technology

This trend is perhaps one that’s set to run and run as manufacturers like Siemens, Neff and Mielecontinue to develop kitchen gadgets and appliances that work at the single touch of a button.
Technologically advanced ovens and sinks are practically staple fittings in a new kitchen now, but inventive designers and homeowners are taking things one step further with Smart Wiring that integrates home entertainment systems into the kitchen and which will soon connect smartphone Apps with their appliances for remote access control.

  1. Hideaways

Hideaways go hand in hand with technology. With simple push-touch controls, extractor fans, mini bars, sink units and extending work surfaces are all cleverly concealed within cabinets and islands to be revealed as and when they’re needed.
This design feature helps homeowners capitalise on all of the space they have available which is particularly useful in smaller properties.

  1. Handle-less

Handle-less kitchen units are another design feature that has been established for a few years and shows no sign of declining in popularity simply because they are so functional and aesthetically satisfying.

  1. Feature Lighting

Ambient, task and LED feature lights around cabinet bases and work surfaces continue to be popular, but oversized pendant lights that make a design statement in themselves have featured in many of the latest kitchen designs.

  1. Shabby Chic

The love-worn look of shabby chic kitchens helps to create a cosy, comfortable and inviting kitchen space and its one trend that’s unlikely to ever fall out of favour with homeowners, especially those who see the kitchen as the warm and comforting hub of their home.

  1. Industrial Chic

At first glance, industrial chic may seem at complete odds with the shabby kind, but the latest mixed material and two-tone design trends mean that homeowners can get the best of both worlds.
From copper and brass accessories and lighting that work well with almost any kitchen design, to the full-blown, heavyweight industrial-style cabinets, splashbacks and worktops made popular in loft apartments and warehouse conversions, industrial chic is a style that homeowners can add as little or as much as they like of.

  1. Personalisation

With modern kitchens being of such high quality, they’re really built to last and with longevity in mind, more design choices are being made available to those who want a really personal space for the long-term.
Décor elements are of course included in that umbrella of personalisation, but more importantly, adjustable counter heights, raised ovens and dishwashers, accessible storage and open shelves are making sure that kitchens last through the changing needs of a homeowner’s lifetime.
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