Food and Kitchen Tips: Food Poisoning Facts

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Food poisoning is a very common illness during the summer season. It can be mild or in some cases may be severe and even fatal. We need to be very careful in what we eat especially on eating our leftovers.  Because of the extreme heat, food easily spoils.  Proper food handling and cooking should always be observed.

food poisoning
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Frequent causes of food poisoning cases are:

  • Drinking of contaminated water
  • Consumption of stale or spoiled food
  • Salmonella bacteria which can be found in undercooked meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, or infected water.
  • Fish and shellfish– during the red tide season

The World Health Organization had developed “Ten Golden Rules for Safe Food Preparation.” These are as follows:
1. Choose foods processed for safety.
2. Cook food thoroughly.
3. Eat cooked foods immediately.
4. Store cooked foods carefully.
5. Reheat cooked food thoroughly.
6. Avoid contact between raw food and cooked food.
7. Wash hands repeatedly.
8. Keep all kitchen surfaces meticulously clean.
9. Protect food from insects, rodents and other animals.
10. Use safe water.
Reference:  The World Health Organization,

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