Inangit, a delectable dessert

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Inangit is an enjoyable dessert or snack similar to biko or rice cake. It is made with glutinous rice or malagkit, sugar and coconut milk. It can be served with or without toppings. Depending on your preference you can top it with sliced ripe mango, sweet beans or latik (caramel topping).
This sweet dish is often served during merry events like birthdays, fiestas, Christmas, New Year and more.


My late grandmother was the one who taught me how to cook this sweet dish which is one of my comfort foods. It is very easy to make an Inangit, you need to be patient in mixing lol.
1 kilo of malagkit (glutinous rice)
Coconut milk, compressed/extracted milk from 3 big coconuts
½ kilo, washed sugar or more according to your preferred sweetness
1 Pandan leaf
Cook the malagkit or glutinous rice just like the way you cook ordinary rice. Put the pandan leaf while it is boiling and let it stay until the malagkit rice is cooked.  Set aside.
In a big wok, boil the coconut milk then simmer in low fire stirring occasionally to prevent lumps. Wait until the coconut milk turn a little brownish in color, meaning it is already cooked then add the washed sugar. Continue stirring until the sugar and the coconut milk is well blended.
Add the cooked malagkit, take off the pandan leaf then mix well until well blended and almost dry and  that’s it!
Serve Inangit while hot and enjoy!

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