Fulfilled Big Appetite at DADS World Buffets

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My two sons consider DADS as one of the best buffet restaurants in the Metro that pleases their palate and fulfill their big appetite savoring the multiple cuisines of Asia, North and South America and Europe.

 dads world buffets

Relishing the flavor goodness of the meats such as U.S. Roast Beef, U.S. Roast Turkey, New Zealand Roast Leg of Lamb and the all time favorite Dads Ham with a variety of side dishes to choose from in the carving station will already make you full. So watch out, take only a small bite to start off.

We take delight in roaming around every station savoring different cuisines, finishing a clean plate to another.

starters from the Saisaki Station

bite of every meat in the Carving Station

Personally, I love the Souvlaki dishes, New Zealand Roast Leg of Lamb, Chicken Parmesan, Fried Noodles with Seafood and Vegetables Toppings, Lamb Kebab, sushi, sashimi and almost all of the other authentic Japanese specialties. Not yet to mention the Filipino cuisines like Lechon de leche, crispy pata and more.
my second plate

My husband enjoyed the grilled seafood, Mushroom Lasagna, Fajitas, Lechon de leche and other Kamayan regional specialties, the Saisaki station full of numerous Japanese specialties and the Carving the station which he kept on coming back for every new plate.
a bit to taste

My two sons always have a full plate which I can no longer recognize the dishes, lol. It is Charm’s first time to go out dining with us. She seems to be shy at first but seeing how the family pigs out, she later on explored into the food stations as well ahaha.
my son JM and Charm

my sons JM and Yahmir with Charm

My camera is already on low battery that’s why I wasn’t able to take more pictures.  Anyway, I grab some photos from kamayansaisakidads.com

New Zealand Roast leg of lamb

US Roast Turkey

US roast beef

seafood – grilled

Fajitas, Quesadillas, Tacos, Nachos


This is already our third time to feast at DADS World Buffets at SM Mega Mall and once in a while dining in this restaurant gives me a reason for a diet cheat day, lol.
Yours truly with DADS usherettes in International costumes

just finished eating – happy full tummies

11 thoughts on “Fulfilled Big Appetite at DADS World Buffets”

  1. I love to go to buffets because i know for sure that the money i spend it worth for the food i can consume. They have great selection of foods indeed.

  2. wow the photos looks great!! lucky i am already full now after eating my brekky! or else it would be a craving buffet disaster! there selection of foods looks very yum and big!

  3. ahhh, too much yumminess, I probably can’t eat there since I would be confused what to eat, haha, on the other hand, I am sure I will enjoy the sea food a lot.

  4. I’ve been to DADs I think just once or twice. I’m really not so into buffets. I don’t have that big appetite and I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth.

  5. aahhhhhmmmmm! yummm!!! you made my mouth water with all the food photos here! This is food porn! lol! That’s really not so bad (the price) for all the food that awaits! Your sons remind me of when my two little boys grow up too! Hehehe..

  6. What a wonderful way to bond with the whole family. Eat all you can buffet is just for your family Ate Joy since most of them are boys.
    The foods are obviously delicious at talagang binabalik balikan ninyo. Magandang welcome dinner din for Charm at kita ang appettite ng lahat. Lol!

  7. Grabe, naglaway ako. I brought hubby when we were there in 2011 and he just loved everything. Well, he eats anything to begin with. Sulit sa buffet hihi.

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