Sweet tooth satisfied with Scrumptious Brownie Brittle Snack

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Brownie aficionados will surely love the Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle. A brownie flavored cookie full of chocolaty goodness into a wafer-thin snack.

 brownie brittle

My husband and I find it a perfect snack over a cup of coffee. It is also a scrumptious bite to eat for children who are fond of eating cookies. It is a great crunchy snack to serve your guests and can be an added finger food for children parties too.  My two sons enjoyed its crispy texture full of brownie taste. They love munching on it while watching movies. This bag of brittle wafers comes with a resealable packaging which can keep its freshness up to the last bite. 
brownie brittle
This delectable cookie crunch was invented by Sheila G. Mains in Palm Beach, Florida and has been awarded as America’s Best New Snack, NCSA 2012-13. Sheila G’s The Original Brownie Brittle comes in different flavors such as chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, salted caramel and toffee crunch which will truly satisfy your sweet tooth.
Big thanks to my cousins Jay and Jozy for introducing Brownie Brittle to us. It is a wonderful anytime snack that fulfills our cravings for a sweet confection.

11 thoughts on “Sweet tooth satisfied with Scrumptious Brownie Brittle Snack”

  1. I thought you were the ones who baked them. 😀 Looks so yummy it reminds me of my favorite Kenny Rogers brownie! Very tempting!

  2. hmmmm looks scrumptious indeed! my boys are sure to love it! gee, there is choco cake inside our fridge now but I doubt if it will satisfy my craving for what you shared, 🙂

  3. I hope that is has no strong aroma of cocoa. I actually avoid brownies as I always have a reaction when I eat them. It makes me sneeze and spread the remnants in my hands. I hope this snack will be friendly to my nose.. 🙂

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