Essential Herbs for Every Kitchen

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While most Filipino kitchen are not particular to the use of herbs for cooking, culinary shows on TV are encouraging enough to make any plain house cook strive for more flavor and zing on their cooking. Herbs give that unique flavor and finishing touches to any kitchen masterpiece. Since you will not be using those long selections of herbs and spices you’d find on the grocery, there are some of the basic herbs for your kitchen must haves –
This herb goes out very well with Italian recipes such as pizza and pasta but it can also be used with salads, appetizers, main courses and sauces such as pesto. Basil is also easy to care for so you can keep a small pot with a basil plant on your kitchen window.

A pretty common herb in Central Asia and in parts of Europe. It is a great addition for salads, dips, soups and sandwich spreads. Dill must be kept in airtight containers so that the flavor will be preserved.
A very versatile herb gives the perfect zest for cheesy and creamy dishes. Its mild onion flavor also goes well for seafood salads and salmon dishes too.
The herb commonly noticed on pasta dishes, this pretty green sprig has actually more to offer in terms of culinary appeal. You can mix the leaves into dishes or simply serve it fresh as garnish to a recipe.
Rosemary and Oregano
These two herbs are commonly use to add flavor in roasting lamb chops, pork chops or spare ribs.
Moreover, some of these kitchen herbs can also be used as medicinal cure for some common illnesses like coughs, sore throat and more
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