Why You Should Try a Juice Cleanse, Now!

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When the winter months roll around, we all start to feel a bit more sluggish and unhealthy.  It’s easy to turn to fatty, salty or sweet treats when the temperature is freezing outside and this can lead to decreased energy levels, mood swings and skin conditions, not to mention weight gain.  But there are a number of ways to give your body a boost at any time of year and a raw juice cleanse is the perfect way to bolster your immune system and help you to feel more revitalized and energetic – no matter how cold it gets out there!  Here are just 5 reasons why you should try a juice cleanse today.


1. Boost your energy levels

A 3 or 5 day juice cleanse gives your digestive system a much needed break – after all, if you’ve been overindulging and eating lots of processed foods, how do you expect to feel energetic?  When your digestive system is working over time, it can really affect your energy levels, leaving you feeling sluggish.  This is why many of us feel tired in the afternoon at work if we’ve been out for a particularly large lunch!  By going on a juice cleanse, the energy your body usually uses to break down solid food is freed up, so you’re sure to feel more energetic! 

2. Lose weight

Losing weight should never be your main motivations behind starting a juice cleanse, but it is true that consuming nothing but raw fruit juice for a few days will help you to feel less bloated, and the pounds should fall off naturally as a result, although it’s important to realize that most of this will be water weight.  A juice cleanse can also help to reduce stubborn cellulite, and can be great for anyone looking to kick-start a weight loss or healthy eating regime. Live enzymes, phytonutrients and the cocktail of vitamins and minerals in raw juices will boost your overall health – these enzymes are only found in raw food and can help to aid your digestion.

3. Clear your skin

If you’ve been suffering from acne or another skin condition, it could be a sign that your liver and colon are overworked, trying to deal with all the processed junk food that you eat.  By clearing out your tired system with a juice cleanse, you’ll soon achieve clearer skin that glows with health.  It’s important to remember that your skin may get worse before it gets better, and that an increase in breakouts during your cleanse is simply your body’s way of eliminating toxins from your system.  Persevere and your skin will look beautiful!

4. Super-charge your immune system

We all tend to get sick more during the cold, dark winter months, so what could be better than super-charging your immune system with a juice cleanse?  Raw juices are full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients which can help to nurture your immune system and make it strong against illness.  Did you know that on the first day of your juice cleanse, you’ll probably consume more nutrients than the average American consumes in a week?

5. Start as you mean to go on

The New Year is approaching, and it’s a great time to start a juice cleanse, whether you whip up your own raw juices at home or order them online.  Starting 2014 as you mean to go on will make it easier for you to stick to good habits in the coming months.  Begin your healthy eating and exercise regime with a juice cleanse and you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel more energetic and confident too!  Just remember, it’s important not to over-exercise during your juice cleanse, as whilst your body is getting all the nutrients you need, you will be light on calories whilst the cleanse is taking place.  It’s best to stick to moderate exercise that isn’t too tiring – why not try Yoga or Pilates, or focus on toning and strengthening exercises at your local gym?
Hopefully, these 5 reasons have inspired you to try your own juice cleanse – you could order your juice online or make it yourself at home and start as soon as tomorrow!  Pick a week when you won’t have added stress, such as a vacation from work, and take the time to select juices that you know you will enjoy to ensure that your juice cleanse is a pleasant experience, no matter how long you decide to try it for!
Lena Lewis has been a freelance writer for 20 years, gradually moving from print publications to the world of online writing and blogging.  She now writes for various health and fitness sites and is passionate about eating and living well and she’s no stranger to juice cleansing and eating raw, organic food – if only she could convince her friends of the benefits too!
Photo credits:  jackthumm – freedigitalphotos.net

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