Watch Out for the “KING” at Burger King!

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Burger King has always been popular for their great tasting burgers which truly are notches-higher than other fast food burgers here in the Philippines.  The international burger chain BURGER KING® was founded in 1954. Today they operate in more than 13,000 locations in 89 countries and they serve more than 11 million guests every day. In the Philippines, the WHOPPER® has taken the appetite of picky Filipino taste buds but there are more to watch out from the home of the original Flame-Grilled Beef Burgers – the BK Stacks Burgers.

Burger King

BK Stacks are made-to-order burger that allows anybody to choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 flame-grilled patties for their Burgers. What make these burgers even more mouthwatering are the melted American cheeses in between the patties, crispy bacon garnishing on top and a generous smothering of the BK Stacks sauces all in between a pair of toasted sesame-seed bun. Single stack is called “Dude,” double stacks are known as the “Boss,” a triple stack makes you the “Chief” and of course, quad stack BK Stack Burgers are made for the “King.”
Burger King recently introduced BK Stacks with an irresistible burger-eating challenge, the “Battle of the Stacks King.” This challenge was posted for Filipinos who are daring enough to try out the BK Stacks and fight for the title of the “Battle of the Stacks King.” The contest was a dare to see who can consume the most number of “King” Stacks in 15 minutes! To join the contest, interested contenders sent funny videos to the BK Facebook page, and last October 19, 2013, the finalist fought for the title of the BK Stacks King and proved his manliness at the Burger King 2 E-Com Center in SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

For a family where there is a majority of males, Burger King is a favorite hot spot for burger cravings and the newest offering – BK Stacks Burgers will be the answer to all those cravings!
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