RC Cola: A Global Brand With Real Pinoy Taste

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The Filipinos have a distinct taste when it comes to food and beverages. Many of us are quite choosy and want only those products that will meet our selective palate and this is especially true for the young and adventurous. They seek brands and pursue only those that don’t only satisfy them but are also smart, practical and friendly just like RC Cola.

RC Cola

RC Cola has been originally launched as “Chero-Cola” in 1905 by Claud A Hatcher in Columbus, Georgia. And in 1934, it was reformulated and re-released as “Royal Crown” or more popularly known today as RC Cola. Its unique heritage and taste have sustained itself from the crushing competition of other two beverage giants. RC Cola definitely has its own thing – its own magic in every bottle, making it a clear favorite in more than 60 countries worldwide despite being a bit less popular. Its distinct flavor made it even more tasteful that leaves you craving for more. 
In the Philippines, RC Cola is claiming its rightful spot as the preferred refreshment drink for the younger generation. It tastes just right, earthy and authentic. It’s not too sweet and it doesn’t hurt the throat and stomach. It is indeed a global brand, well-liked and a practical choice – quality product yet light on the budget. RC Cola has reached the peak of the Filipino market, its cool characteristic, flavor and taste have slowly been embraced by the Filipino family and their lifestyle.
RC Cola is a great companion for snacks and meals as it makes your dining experience even more tasteful and enjoyable. You can find bigger sizes of this soda to share with your friends and family making it the best choice for the fun-loving, youthful, simple and friendly, street smart Pinoys!

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