Beef Stroganoff… And French Fries?

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Lately I have found myself in sort of a kitchen rut. I make the same couple of meals in rotation simply because they are easy and I know that I like them. Usually when I find myself in this situation I crack open a cookbook and try out a new recipe. For some reason, this time was different. I didn’t even have the motivation to do a quick Google search for a new recipe. Instead, I went straight to my cupboards and began taking inventory.
I began by pulling some steak out of my freezer and running it under cold water to help it thaw faster. After rummaging through my cupboards and refrigerator I somehow pulled together ingredients to make beef stroganoff. It was actually kind of surprising because I never seem to have sour cream on hand. I tend to go through it way too fast.
I’ve made beef stroganoff before but it had been a long time and I had always used the recipe my grandma gave to me, following it to a tee. Feeling a bit lazy, I left all forms of directions put away and just set to work corralling ingredients. 
Here is a list of ingredients that I pulled out of my cupboards:
2 decent sized sirloin steaks
Red wine (I use red wine in pretty much everything)
1 tub of Sour cream
5 cans of Cream of mushroom soup
1 packet of Cream cheese
1 Onion
Several cloves of Fresh garlic
Random seasonings
At this point, I basically went into autopilot and just starting chopping and combining ingredients without bothering to measure anything. There are actually quite a few recipes that you can use to make beef stroganoff that give you exact measurements but honestly I like letting my pallet decide what’s best.

beef stroganoff

After about an hour and a half, I had bubbly pot of creamy beef stroganoff and I couldn’t wait to sit down and watch Netflix while chowing down. I was about to dish up when I realized that I didn’t have anything to put the stroganoff on. I began tearing through my pantry trying to find egg noodles, or any type of noodle for that matter, but my efforts were futile. It was probably the first time in my life where I was unable to find any sort of noodle in my house. Being that I wasn’t about to eat beef stroganoff like soup, I got a bit creative and went to my freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen French fries.
Once my fries were nice and crispy I dished myself up a plate of beef stroganoff with French fries substituting for noodles on my favorite dinnerware plate and sat down to enjoy my food and watch TV. I have to say that I think I actually like the French fries better than noodles. Perhaps I’ll have to make a small change to my grandma’s recipe.
This is a guest post from Cassie Corbett, who has an affinity for cupcakes and dreams of one day being the star of her own cooking show. When she’s not frequenting the local farmers market or reorganizing her kitchen, she writes for World Kitchen who specializes in cookware.
Photo credits: I Believe I Can Fry via photopin cc

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