Molido – Pili Candies

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Molido Pili Candies is one of the best delicacies of the Bicol Region in the Philippines.  It is made of the delectable crushed pili nuts, the fruit of the Pili tree or Canarium ovatum Engl. and sugar.
pili candies

Pili nuts have a rich, buttery flavor, frequently alleged to be superior to that of almonds.  The nut is inside a hard shell and can be eaten raw.
It is medically proven for health benefits as it is a rich source of healthy omegas and 8 amino acids.  Moreover, it also contains magnesium and a good source of vitamin E.
It has been a long time since I last ate these delicious candies.  Many thanks to a dear family friend who remembered to give us this “pasalubong” (present)  from their recent  Bicol trip.

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  1. I like to eat anything with Pili Nuts in it. I used to eat them since my childhood. Pili Nuts are highly beneficial for health. These delectable nuts not only prevent cardiovascular diseases but also help in maintaining brain balance, developing healthy bones, hormone production and muscle tissues. These nuts are frequently utilized in several desserts including cakes. In addition, pili nuts contain magnesium, amino acids and protein that play a vital role in detoxification of liver, healthy blood-sugar levels and regulation of body’s energy. It also prevents cholesterol from turning into plague.
    Pili Nuts are a great complement to exotic flavors like cacao or coconut and can be added to baked goods, chocolates, ice-creams, smoothies and cereals.

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