Reasons to Use a Chair Leveler

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Watch one episode of the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, and it can become clearly evident that there are risks associated with starting a restaurant. There are steep overhead expenses like real estate, staff, inventory, furniture, stoves, freezers and decorations that restaurant owners have to pay. To save on expenses, some restaurant owners purchase used products. It’s a risks, especially considering that not all of the products are in excellent shape. In the event, you’re a restaurant owner who is struggling to find quality equipment, consider investing in products like a table or chair leveler.
A chair leveler could help used restaurant furniture to look newer than it actually is. For example, if you buy used restaurant furniture from retail outlets, you can wash and varnish the furniture, giving it a polished look. You can also pick out furniture pieces that complement one another, meaning you select used furniture pieces that are similar in texture, size and style. Because your restaurant furniture will be used frequently, perhaps a lot more frequently than the average home furniture is used, it’s also important that you select furniture that is durable.
Signs to look for when you consider how durable used restaurant furniture is includes whether or not the furniture is water damaged, splintered beyond repair or weak in its structural foundation. You could spot furniture that’s structurally weak if you sit on the furniture and it sags or leans to one side. This type of damaged used restaurant furniture could end up costing you more money than it’s worth to repair. Place it in your restaurant and it could also weaken your brand, turning off customers.
However, there are pieces of slightly damaged used furniture you could repair until the furniture offers reliability and dependability. For example, if you buy chairs that are titled, you could add balance to the chairs with a chair leveler. There are several types of chair leveler products on the market, including a cushion glide threaded leveler, a nylon base swivel chair leveler and a threaded round or square leveler that’s inserted into a chair.
chair levelerThe nylon base swivel leveler comes with stem lengths that range from one and half inches to more than two inches. Chairs with deeper wood or metal pieces might require a leveler that has a longer stem. Nickel plated nylon base swivel levelers also come with a hex nut, which you’ll use to tighten the leveler into furniture you’re trying to balance. Because the base of the leveler is small, about one and one eighth in diameter, the tool could go unnoticed by your customers.
Prices for a quality chair leveler start at a little more than three dollars. Of course, if you buy the levelers in bulk, you might be able to get the tools at a discount. Some retailers might also offer you pricing deals if you purchase levelers and other products, like chair, table and equipment wobble wedges, from them. After all, you’ve already spent enough money on furniture. It shouldn’t cost you a lot of money to get the right tools to make your used restaurant furniture look and feel like new.
This article was written by Rhonda Campbell.

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