5 Coolest College Student Start-ups In 2012

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Solving the problems of life takes creativity, genius, determination and a bit of humor along the way. With these ingredients, any college student can be poised to create the next Facebook, Google or other highly profitable company. In 2012, these students followed their gut instincts and created jazzy businesses that show inventiveness and an ability to be a bit unconventional. Straying away from the beaten path helped these students develop these awesome and cool companies in 2012.

1. BetterBoo Gift App
Student Nick Chmura was studying Marine Biology at the University of Tampa, when he decided to join the entrepreneur club at the college. He entered a competition to promote his idea, which was a mobile phone application to help people give better gifts. The student quips that he always received nutcrackers as gifts growing up, possibly one of the worst gifts a college student can dream of receiving. The aim of this app is to provide gift ideas to bad gift givers, and it has recently received $40,000 in funding from one interested investor.
2. The Little Salad Shop
Yale University students Jerry Choinski and Etkin Tekin were tired of putting on the pounds in college, so they decided to venture out and start The Little Salad Shop. By partnering with a burger restaurant owner, the students created a salad shop that is now visited by students from Yale and surrounding colleges every month. The salad shop is projected to earn annual profits of $600,000 a month.

3. Arizona Pro DJs
When student Will Curran found himself with $50 to DJ at a friend’s Sweet 16 party, he considered himself the luckiest man alive. He has since turned his passion for music into a business called “Arizona Pro DJs.” The company has landed him a $10,000 grant from his college, and he is now the CEO of the business. His business centers upon throwing great dance music parties for young teens. In 2011, the business earned a whopping $116,000.
4. Kip Solutions
By turning social media into a device for enacting social change, Harvard University students Kavya Shankar and Sonia Chokshi may have started what can be called a mini revolution. The Harvard students work with international organizations to eliminate poverty and help people in third world countries. The organization has provided young people with the opportunity to enact social change and become more globally-minded individuals. The company charges $1,000 to $2,000 for every social media project that it accepts to help international organizations.
5. Stoked Skateboards
When David Rajewski wanted to buy a new car, he knew he needed to come up with some more cash. So, he turned a $1,000 business idea into a business worth over $1 million to this day. His skateboarding business allows customers to create their own skateboards.
These students all found something that they had a passion for, and they turned that passion into a concrete idea. If you don’t have enough startup capitals to rent an office space, don’t let that limit your business ideas. Consider renting one of the Servcorp virtual offices that gives you access to their meeting space and executive offices in central business district without having to pay hefty rent.
All it takes is being moved by something that you love, and you too can become one of these hip self-starters.
Written by Beth Gadd

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