Things To Know About The Jarritos Brand

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jarritos brand

Jarritos is a brand of soft drinks, which can be found in Mexico. Novamex currently owns the Jarritos brand. Jarritos is one of the most popular brands of soft drinks in all of Mexico. Find out more about this brand of soft drinks by reading the rest of this article.


The Jarritos brand was first imported to retails stores in America back in 1989. Eventually the brand became the most popular soft drink brand in America among Latinos. In matter of fact, the book Mexico Greatest Brands named once said that about 6,000 bottles of the drink are introduced to America every single minute.


Jarritos comes in 14 different flavors. The drink is available in Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple, Mandarin, Tamarind, Pineapple, Cola, Hibiscus, Guava and Sparkling Water. As of now these are the only flavors that the brand makes.

When Jarritos first started they marketed a coffee flavored drink, and this was the brand’s only drink when it first launched. Eventually the company decided to move into fruit flavored drinks and decided to not make coffee flavored drinks. Soon after the decision was made to not produce coffee flavored drinks, the company created their Mandarin flavored drink. Soon after that the company created more fruit drinks.

All of Jarritos’ drinks are naturally flavored, which is another reason why the brand is very popular in Mexico and in the United States.

Where Jarritos Can Be Found

Jarritos can be found in almost every grocery store in Mexico, and many little shops also carry the brand. The brand is not as widely available in the US as it is in Mexico, but consumers can often find the brand in many of the most well-known retail stores across the nation.

However, if a person lives in a city or town that is near the Mexican border, then they will have a much easier time finding Jarritos.

Facts About Jarritos

There are a lot of interesting facts that consumers may want to know, such as the fact that the brand goes through about 30 million Mandarins every single year.

The soft drink is also the most popular naturally flavored soft drink in all of Mexico. In matter of fact, by 1960 (just 10 years after the brand was established) Jarritos was being sold in 80% of Mexican states.

The brand uses real fruit in their drinks, and not only do they use real fruit, but they use fruit that is grown in Mexico. For example, the brand gets their Grapefruit from Gulf and Groves from the Yucatan.

There are many Jarritos’ bottles being exported every single minute. At the time of writing this, there are around 1,500 bottles of the drink being exported every single minute. More than 40,000 bottles of the drink are filled every hour.

Jarritos is very popular because the brand’s drinks taste very good, and not only do the drinks taste great but it is also one of the most affordable soft drinks in Mexico.

Kevin Cole is a freelance writer for Jarritos a company that sells authentic Mexican beverages. For more information regarding mexican softdrinks just search Jarritos on Google.

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