Let there Be Light

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Light is essential to all life. It enables us to see and plants to photosynthesise. Put bluntly, life wouldn’t exist as we know it without light. As well as this, lighting in home is extremely important. It can add a touch of class to dull design schemes, as well creating atmosphere and moods. Do you want something to create a romantic setting? Or how about a simple reading lamp? www.geoffreyharris.co.uk has a wide range of lights available for your lighting needs.
Within interior design the type of lamp and where it is placed in a room is of optimum importance. Like an artist, an interior designer layers light, taking into account four factors  when designing a room. First of all there is general lighting. General lighting is used to create an overall illumination in a room. For example a hanging light like the Tatou range from Geoffrey Harris. General lighting is the staple lighting in a room, the first light we turn on as we enter. 
The second factor is feature lighting. Feature lighting is directed at one aspect of a room.  This should be used sparingly because, as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. Simple, contemporary designs should be used for feature lights, as the emphasis isn’t on the light source itself, but rather what it is illuminating.
The third factor is task lighting. This does the job of lighting an area for a specific task, reading a book for example. These are usually found in the form of desk lights, small, simple lights with adjustable stems, so that the light can be directed wherever you wish them to go.
The fourth and final factor is decorative lighting. This is what it says on the tin. Examples of these are chandeliers or pendant ceiling lights. They add a touch of class in a room as well as adding a point of interest.
A well lit room will use different aspects of all the above, merging and blending the light to create a desirable level. For more information about lights available, please visit the Geoffrey Harris webstore for more information.


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