5 of the Coolest Kitchen Utensils

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We utilize kitchen appliances on a daily basis and the extended use of the same products every day becomes quite constant and tedious. We must use these appliances to continue our daily activities, so why not add some suave or novelty to our daily routine? You would be surprised how many novelty related kitchen products and appliances are available in the market today. Here is just a sample of 5 of the coolest novelty items that consumers purchase.

Voodoo Knife Block

photo credits: wiglu.com

This is an opportunity for the wife or mother of the household to relieve some stress and frustration as you are yet again slaving away in the kitchen preparing more lunches and dinner for the family. The voodoo knife block replaces the traditional wooden appeal with a male shaped design to store your sharp knives. Insert and store your knives through the limbs of the male voodoo while fantasizing of the time your partner forgot your birthday. This is definitely one for the kitchen bench top and sure to spark conversation among friends.

Gun Shaped Frying Pans

gun shaped pan
photo credits:hardwaresphere.com

Guns are very masculine and provide all the testosterone required by any dominant male personality. Now imagine waking up in the morning and having guns for breakfast. The egg shaped frying pan allows you to enjoy your morning breakfast with the novelty of numerous types of gun designs to satisfy your morning hunger. Pistols and machine guns will allow you to feel like you are starting your day with a bang, just the motivation you need prior to taking on your daily routine.  

Pop Art Toaster

pop art toaster
photo credits; compare.productwiki.com

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To go with your gun shaped eggs should be some toast. The pop art toaster is just the novelty you need. Adjusting the settings provides different templates to decorate your toast. Different features include images and text, so feel free to adjust the settings to reflect your mood or the immediate environment. An appealing 1950’s design and cool touch components provide a trendy and safe toaster for your home.

Hot Man Pot Holders

hotman pot holder
photo credits: latestbuy.com.au

The novelty of fantasizing the immediate pain suffered by your partner while continuing to slave in the kitchen continues with the hot man pot holders. Ensure your kitchen bench top doesn’t burn after placing the pot on the surface whilst serving dinner. The hot man pot holder is another male like object that securely surrenders himself to the steaming hot pot that will be enforced upon him. They are also quite decorative and provide a trendy feel to your kitchen.

Monkey Peeler

monkey peeler
photo credits: amazon.com

Take the boringness out of peeling potatoes with the monkey peeler. This chore becomes a novelty once you are using the monkey peeler. You’d be surprised at how convenient and easy to use the monkey peeler is. It fits firmly in the palm of your hand and the monkey’s extended arms reach out holding onto the blade allowing easy use and practicality. A great novelty to add to your utensil collection.
These easy to use and novelty based utensils will no doubt provide the spark to your kitchen that is currently non-existent. Add some flare to your meal preparations and enjoy the novelty of these trendy and modern features.
Brendan is a Kitchen Design Specialist from Queensland, Australia. He works with many of the leading builders Gold Coast residents have on offer and is always on the lookout for cool kitchen appliances to feature in his latest designs.

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