Keeping The Cholesterol Level At Its Lowest This Holiday Season

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Christmas is just around the corner, one thing  for sure is you will be attending a lot of parties or events and you might not notice that you’re already consuming a lot of high cholesterol dishes. Even though celebrating the Holiday season is one big excuse of eating a lot, you should not let it get into you and fully lose control in keeping your cholesterol in its normal level.
Remember that you still have the right on what to eat and it is totally okay to say no. If you really can’t avoid it, you can at least eat a small amount. You’ve been keeping track of these foods for quite some time and there is no reason to back out now.
It’s just a matter of self discipline and avoiding temptation. These high cholesterol dishes can be served anytime and it’s up to you if you’re going to eat them.
Of course you can’t force yourself not to attend parties just because you want to avoid cholesterol. If you’re serious with it, one suggestion is to start hosting your own parties wherein you have full control on the food to be served.  Invite your friends over and don’t forget to tell them that everything you prepared got low cholesterol content 🙂

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