Comfort food – Crumpy Nut Choco Spread

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Looking for a different taste of sandwich for a snack while watching your favorite tv series?  Why not try and enjoy Crumpy nut choco spread sandwich.

crumpy nut choco spread

Kids most especially will favor and enjoy a chocolate spread on their sandwiches for a weekend merienda or even for their school baon once in awhile.  It is the usual comfort food in every home with kids.
This chocolate-flavoured paste does not solidify and is best eaten on breads, toasts, muffins, pitas and churros. I enjoy having it on a banana or on crackers.
Yet, we have to bear in mind that it is not healthy to always give this chocolatey treat to our children for it is basically a candy bar in a creamy form. In my opinion, a bottle of choco spread bought once in a while is sufficient just to satisfy the crave for a chocolate sandwich.

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