Halabos na Hipon

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Halabos na Hipon is a Filipino shrimp recipe which is easy and quick to cook yet delectable especially when the shrimps are fresh. There is no need to devein the shrimps through its shell, just cut the long whiskers and trim out the sharp pointed rostrum found just above the eyes then wash it thoroughly through running tap water.

halabos na hipon

Others cook Halabos na Hipon with sprite (soda) but in my case I prefer its original taste so I only sprinkle salt to taste. I also do not add water because after washing, the shrimps have residual liquid in its body.
Shrimps, 1 kilo
Salt to taste
Cooking oil
Heat the wok, put the shrimps, sprinkle salt to taste and stir the shrimps until it changes its color, it will take about 5-10 minutes depending n the size of the shrimps.
Add cooking oil to fry the shrimps.
Serve with vinegar and minced garlic dip or with diced green mangoes and tomatoes.
Tips: To know if the shrimps are fresh:

  • The shrimp should be glossy in appearance with the head still attached, moist and firm when touched.
  • A black spot on the shell is a sign that it is no longer fresh due to mishandling from harvesting.
  • Do not buy shrimps with a yellowish color on its tail, as it is an indication of excess Sodium Bisulfate usage.
  • Fresh shrimp should smell of seawater or of seaweed and has no offensive odors.

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  1. I like various shrimp dishes. This one go be my favorite. I will try this recipe and will write later. Thanks for providing this recipe. I think I will be enjoying the cooking period.

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