My Homemade Pancit Canton

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Our family loves Pancit Canton and other dishes cooked with noodles and pasta. It is one of the dishes that will really make my kids and husband bring out a big smile.
I usually use chicken broth and shredded chicken when I cook it, yet this time I tried the Pancit Canton ingredients I’ve been seeing in Chinese restaurants. Here I will be sharing you my own recipe on how to cook a delectable Pancit Canton.

pancit canton-homemade
pancit canton-homemade

Canton Noodles (500 grams)
Kikiam (Que – kiam)
Squid balls
Pork (liempo), cut into cubes
Onion, chopped
Garlic, minced
Baguio beans, thinly cut into long strips
Kinchay (Chinese Parsley), chopped
Palm Oil
Salt and ground pepper to taste
Pork broth
Boil pork liempo cubes until tender, set aside the broth.
Fry the pork liempo cubes, squid balls and kikiam until golden brown, set aside.
Wash the Pancit Canton noodles thoroughly, drain and set aside.
In a big frying pan, sauté garlic and onion with palm oil, then add the baguio beans, fried pork, kikiam and squid balls, pour in the pork broth, bring it to boil.
Add the Pancit Canton Noodles and stir.
Season with salt and ground pepper to taste, or you can add a little soy sauce to bring color as well. Simmer until noodles are cooked then add the kinchay to add flavor.
Serve while hot and enjoy!

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