Ginataang Hipon (Shrimps in Coconut Milk) Recipe

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Ginataang Hipon (Shrimps in Coconut Milk Recipe) is a Filipino Recipe that I learned from my late grandmother – Mama, it consists of shrimps cooked in coconut milk.

Ginataang hipon
Ginataang hipon

The use of pure fresh coconut milk (kakang gata), pressed from a newly grated coconut is recommended as much as possible to give a creamy and oily result which will give a unique great taste.  It’ a good thing that in the market near us, coconut sellers have grated coconut press equipment so I do not need to do the traditional way of using a clean cloth to squeeze out the fresh coconut milk. 
I also learned that the proper way to cook coconut milk is to let it simmer in the pan for a longer time, stirring once in a while to avoid clotting until it turns brownish in color and almost turns into oil.
The vegetable I used  to blend with the shrimps is Kangkong (water spinach).
1 kilo medium sized shrimp, cleaned
6 cups coconut milk
2 pieces long green chili, sliced
3 bunches of stemmed Kangkong (water spinach)
4 pieces long green chili
1 tablespoon ginger, minced
1 big onion, chopped
7 cloves garlic, minced
fish sauce or salt to taste
1/3 teaspoon ground black pepper
ginataang hipon while cooking
ginataang hipon while cooking

Cooking Procedure
In a pan pour in the coconut milk, add onion, ginger and garlic. Let it boil then reduce the heat to half, stirring every now and then for the coconut milk not to clot.
When the coconut milk turns brownish in color, put the shrimps, kangkong and the green chili.
Season with salt or fish sauce whichever is your preference. I only use salt and ground pepper.
Simmer for another 15 minutes until the shrimps and vegetables are cooked.
Serve with rice and Enjoy!

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  1. Ginugutom ako dito Mommy! I love shrimp pero hindi ako marunong magluto ng kahit anong dish niya. First time I heart of ginataang hipon, I want to try it!

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