That Undying Love For Candies

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candies and chocolates

There was once a point in our lives wherein we just can’t resist the temptation of sweets. Even if when we reach adulthood, the craving didn’t actually leave but remained deep inside waiting to be activated anytime. Just imagine the happiness in the face of a kid enjoying a huge bar of a delicious candy; wouldn’t you want to experience it once in a while?
Scientifically speaking, candies aren’t always the tooth enemies just like what toothpaste ads are trying to imply. They won’t destroy your teeth provided that after eating ample amount of it, you would drink a lot of water and brush your teeth thoroughly. Tooth decay is basically caused by dental plaques that are deposited in our teeth every time we don’t brush after eating foods that are rich in sugar and starch. Bacteria in our mouth would turn them into acid thus causing corrosion and eventually lead into the formation of holes or cavities.  
Candies aren’t the major culprit in here, in fact, carbonated drinks like cola and some sports drinks contain more sugar and the carbonation itself will increase mouth acid production. Some candies are even considered as life savers for who are suddenly experiencing hypoglycemic attack or too much decrease in sugar level.
That’s why, don’t feel sorry about ordering that much from that online candy store you once discovered in the internet. If you were too busy to go out or forgot to include them on your recent grocery trip, you can always order anytime online and have it delivered right in front of your doorsteps if you want.

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