Eat All You Can at City Buffet

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To celebrate Yahmir’s another academic achievement, being included in the First Quarter’s overall Top 10 rank in grade 7, we let him pick the eating place of his choice for our celebration. He asked for an eat all you can bistro to satisfy his big appetite 🙂
We all agreed to try City Buffet, SM Fairview branch. There are a lot of entrees to choose from, a mix of different cuisines from Filipino, Japanese, Italian dishes and more. Because it was a Saturday, dine in price is at Php 539 per pax (tax incuded). The fee comes already with free refillable drinks of your choice – soda, juice or coffee.

Food presentations in the buffet area have eye-appealing colors, enticing aromas and interesting textures that will satisfy your senses.

So here are what we have on our plates.

My husband’s first plate serving

My husband’s 2nd plate

JM’s first plate

JM, round 2

I was not able to take a picture of Yahmir’s first plate for I was busy looking and inspecting the food area, and when I get back to our table he was already done with his first plate lol.
Yahmir’s 2nd plate

my first plate

my second serving

stripped sirloin

Among the desserts, I find the Cream pudding the best 🙂
mango pudding

cookies and cream ice cream

chocolate mousse

chocolate cake

cheese mousse

cream pudding

blueberry, strawberry cheesecake and mango pudding

I am satisfied with the over-all cleanliness especially the plates and utensils, the comfort room and the buffet area. The lightings and ambiance is also inviting plus the service is also quick, staffs and crews are friendly, smiling and always ready to give assistance.
Dine – in Price
Lunch – Monday to Friday – P399
Dinner – Monday to Friday – P499
Saturday – Sunday – Holiday – P539
Children below 4 ft – P259
Leftover Price – P599
JM and Yahmir

Me and my husband

I only noticed that tuna is not served only salmon is available in the sashimi bar, yet over-all we are satisfied in our dining experience at City Buffet.

6 thoughts on “Eat All You Can at City Buffet”

  1. I love Japanese food. Im a big fan of sushi and those plates made me crave for it right now…sushi in my mind, I hope I could have some before the day ends. Love the last picture!

  2. Seems like they are becoming more and more popular. I’ve been meaning to treat my parents at their Robinson’s Dalleria branch but it never push through because every one is glued to their daily routine. But will still find time to dine there.

  3. Congratulations to Yahmir for being top 10 and congratulations to you Ms Joy and your husband for having such a bright child who gives you pride. I’m sure you’re all loaded with those delicious dishes.

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