My…What Big Menus You Have!

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My husband once in a while gets irritated going to restaurants with me because I am sooo indecisive when it comes to menus. I will literally spend closer to 20 minutes flipping through a menu from leaf to leaf, and multiple times too, just to choose one item :D. My problem is that I don’t like making hard decisions when there are plenty of things on the menu that I want. I have tried to tackle this problem because I have noticed that the waitresses tend to get a little frustrated with people like me, and they’re always coming back to ask if I need more time which distracts me and makes it even harder…if there were less things on the menu I wouldn’t take this long!! Ignorance is bliss, so if I was non-the-wiser about all the different dishes they offer it would not bother me one bit and I would merely select one out of…say three things (they should definitely make this menu for me). I know it’s going to sound silly, but this is what I do…I LOOK AT THE ONLINE MENU IN ADVANCE  (blush).
However, yesterday when I was planning my next restaurant meal, I stumbled upon one of the densest menus I have ever seen. I swear it must have had 100+ things to choose from, with everything from English to Japanese food. And the best part about the whole menu was that you didn’t have to choose one thing – you could literally have it all. Yes, everything! I know you are thinking this is just another buffet, but Red Hot world buffet is in a class of its own. I say that because I got wound up in looking at all their picture and taking the Google tour inside the restaurant (yes, I have already begun to plan my visit)and remarkably you can actually have your cake and eat it too…yummy. It was beautifully decorated inside, the food looked really appeasing (I’m really hungry right now by the way) and the reviews were not too bad either. I am eager to go there myself to try it before I make up my mind fully though, because you can’t really judge a book by its cover. I don’t mind taking a trip to their restaurant in Leeds, just need to coerce my husband into taking me on a holiday to the UK sometime soon…any tips?

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