Coconut water the fluid of life

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I love drinking coconut water; I find it more refreshing to drink rather than a soda or any juice drink. It easily quenches thirst especially when it’s cool.  Coconut water is a thin liquid inside a young coconut that was usually sold with the coconut itself or bottled fresh coconut juice.

buko (coconut) juice
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young coconut juice 
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Coconut juice contains and provides potassium along with other electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Due to its contained electrolytes it is considered as a natural sports drink.  The pure juice with mildly sweet flavor from natural sugars is fat free and low in calories. According to studies, it is a good sports drink for rehydration and restoring sugar levels after exercise. The fluid is easier to drink in large quantities with no stomach upset effect.
Coconut water is isotonic, having an electrolyte balance similar to that of blood that’s why it is called as the fluid of life. It is best to drink after a gym workout or after a sports game and safe for our kids too. Coconut water is a natural, safe and cheaper way to rehydrate instead of buying high priced sports drinks.  It is also always available in supermarkets.
The coconut flesh is edible and delicious to combine with the juice. A suggested healthy refreshing drink for the whole family to enjoy 🙂

10 thoughts on “Coconut water the fluid of life”

  1. I just love coconut! be it Ice cream, candy, salad, etc I love it! the juice I drink as is too. We used to have a coconut tree at the back of our house unfortunately after one strong typhoon and bye bye coconut tree. ;( Now I have to buy them but it’s worth the cost..

  2. I love drinking the juice of fresh coconut right out of the shell. Thanks for sharing about the electrolytes part. I guess that’s the reason why I actually find it more refreshing to drink coconut juice than water. After that, I plop in a scoop of ube ice cream inside, scrape the meat, and I’m in heaven!

  3. There’s a massive coconut plantation just behind our lot in Cavite and we always have fresh coconut juice back in the days…now, I could buy them bottled or in tetra pack, it’s just not the same :/ It’s truly beneficial for our health that’s why I’m encouraging my kids to like it too but I guess they should taste the authentic one before getting to really enjoy it…

  4. Oh my, that’s so fresh and oh so mouth-watering. I miss those. So hard to find one fresh as from the tree. It’s actually a good colon cleanser.

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