The Right Knife for the Job

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When you are moving and need to open lots of boxes then utility knives are the right tool for the job. When buttering a piece of bread or a roll the butter slides on effortlessly with a butter knife. Using the right tool for the job makes it easier and cutlery is no exception. It’s a good idea to research options before you buy knives and cutlery to make sure you are investing in the right equipment for the task at hand.

Paring knives are designed to fit compactly in the hand and make it easy to peel potatoes, carrots and the like. Often a paring knife will be designed to have a swivel head so that the blade follows the surface of the food for the most efficient and least wasteful peeling possible; many modern paring knives feature ergonomically designed handles to help reduce fatigue.
A boning knife has a very specific design – typically it features a long, thin flexible blade which tapers to a precise point. This is important because when you are boning poultry and meats you need to be able to manipulate the knife and get in and under tendons, muscle and small bones. Using a butcher knife to bone a chicken would be quite a challenge and result in a lot of waste.
A bread knife typically features a serrated edge blade which is ideal for slicing through bread, cakes, rolls and bagels. A bread knife can be used to slice tomatoes but generally a bread knife is on the large side while a tomato knife tends to be smaller and more company. The serrated edge is the key to making the knife work effectively.

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