Almond Roca, the original butter crunch toffee

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Having a sweet tooth, I am fond of cakes, chocolates, candies and confections.  One of my favorite confections is Almond Roca.  It is proudly made by the Brown & Haley Co. of Tacoma, Washington and is recognized as the original butter crunch toffee.

almond roca

The candy is made of sugar, almonds, butter, cream (milk) and salt, vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oils, cocoa powder, whey (milk), non-fat dry milk powder, soya lecithin, chocolate, cocoa butter, and vanilla. Coated with ground almonds with almond chunks inside the candy itself.

The name “roca” came from a Spanish word meaning “rock” which describes the hard , log-shaped confection. Its name has said to be inspired by .a local librarian
Individual pieces of Almond Roca candy are wrapped in gold-colored aluminum foil to maintain its freshness and crispiness.  It comes in tin can packaging which make the goodness of the candies last for some time.
Almond Roca has earned the America’s Finest Confection title since 1923. Many thanks to my cousin who bring me home my favorite confection 🙂

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