The Retro Swag Experience at Rocket Room, the Newest Bar Lounge in Town

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Looking for a new place to spend a Friday night gimmick? Bring in your friends and best buddies to Rocket Room and extend your night out by swinging by the metro’s latest bar lounge brought to you by Raintree Restaurants. With its flamboyant and outré interiors elaborately designed by Noel Bernardo, Rocket Room lends the right amount of buzz to every coffee break afternoon or late night out.

The bar lounge brings thrilling arrays of Rocket Room’s House Made Infusion Jars, specialty spirits infused with fresh fruits and spices, Classically Twisted drinks, which are twisted takes on the classics, as well as an extensive selection of wines, beers and sangrias.

Serving up the best of organically hot and cold Rocket Plates, Raintree Restaurants brings innovation with its distinctive variety of food offerings and characteristic sets of interiors.

Raintree Restaurants houses bistros within the metro including MoMo Café, Mr. Jones, Museum Café, Chelsea Market & Café, Stella, and Rocket Room. To know more about Rocket Room, visit

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