Why You Should Simplify Your Restaurants Menu

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Restaurants have an exceptionally high failure rate. Over 15 percent of all restaurants fail within the first three years. Business owners should attempt to lower this number by streamlining business practices. One way to streamline business practices is to simplify a restaurant’s menu.
Restaurant owners can focus on preparing a few signature dishes exceptionally well instead making 20 or more dishes mediocre. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but in most instances, restaurants with smaller menus perform better. Let us examine a few key reasons why you should streamline your restaurant menu:

1. Improved Food Quality

When chefs cook the same dishes numerous times per day, they can perfect their recipe and offer exceptional quality to the customer. Chefs will learn in great detail precisely how to prepare signature dishes so they are perfect each time customers receive their meal. When chefs can cook a meal to perfection, the quality of food is improved and customer satisfaction increases. Customers offer repeat business when they are pleased with the food quality.
Every restaurant owner should strive to establish relationships with loyal customers who love the food. This will decrease the amount of marketing dollars a restaurant owner must invest to generate traffic for a business. Increased food quality and improved customer satisfaction are two excellent reasons to simplify your restaurant’s menu.

2. Streamlined Inventory

When chefs prepare the same meals over and over, they use certain ingredients. Ordering a few simple ingredients is more cost-effective than having every possible ingredient available in the restaurant. Discounts may also be available for restaurant owners who order large volumes of the same ingredients. This will help small business owners save money. Savings can be passed on to the customers or reinvested into the restaurant.
Planning is easier when chefs only require certain spices, protein, starch and vegetables to prepare a meal. Chefs must always plan to order inventory according to the amount of traffic they expect to the restaurant. It is easier to forecast and predict future need for a few ingredients than to plan for ingredients for 20 dishes. A simplified ingredient list will make inventory planning easier and more affordable.

3. Faster Service

Restaurant business owners can offer faster service when they master a few signature dishes rather than becoming experts at 20 or more meals. When restaurant owners know exactly how long it will take to prepare a meal for a certain number of people, they can serve customers faster. Chefs can inform servers, ahead of time, of the exact time it will take from the point of order to the time the customer is served, and the process becomes more efficient.
Customers are more satisfied when they receive fast service. Not everyone has the leisure to wait for lunch or dinner. Even if the food is exceptional, long wait times can deter customers from visiting a restaurant. Customers become loyal when they are served quality food in an efficient manner. Every business should strive for loyal customers to keep marketing expenses low.
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Vicky is the owner of some of Australia’s finest restaurants. Her Sydney seafood restaurants are famous all over the world for the quality and freshness of the entire menu.

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