Food and Kitchen Tips #6: Full ripe bananas combat cancer cells

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Do you know that eating full ripe bananas is better and healthier than eating the freshly ripe ones?  Based on a scientific research, a full ripe banana has the capability to fight abnormal cells in the body. TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) substance is produced in full ripe bananas, the more dark patches on the banana skin the more TNF it contains.

Bananas are all year round fruit that we can buy in the markets and fruit stands, it is very common to see bunch of bananas on the family table. Due to hot weather, it ripens easily thus, just in a matter of days some are already full ripe or over ripe.
Eating bananas daily increases body immunity so take advantage of the TNF, eat it as is, or blend it with your breakfast oatmeal or make a banana cake if it is too many to be consumed.

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